Global Case Studies

Highlighted Stories


    Daadoo was the first-place winner of the Mauritania Innovation Challenge and is currently in incubation at the KIC Incubator, preparing to launch their product to the market.

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    TROTRO Tractor

    Access to mechanized farming equipment can be a significant challenge in Ghana. Winners of the 2016 KIC AgriTech Challenge, TROTRO Tractor developed an “Uber for tractors,” allowing farmers to rent local tractors by the hour. The company already broken $1m in annual revenue, grown to hire a full-time team of employees and signed up over 30,000 farmers.

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    Livestock production is an important feature in Africa, both in terms of meeting food needs and generating income for small, medium and large-scale farmers. However, Ghanaian farmers loose approximately 30% of their livestock each year as a result of undetected diseases. A finalist in the 2017 KIC AgriTech Challenge, Anitrack uses RFID technology to identify and track the health status of individual livestock.

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    Agro Sourcing

    Each year, more than a million tons of agricultural waste is generated from farming in Ghana. A finalist in the 2018 KIC AgriTech Challenge, Agro Sourcing works with agricultural companies to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional waste disposal. They source buyers for waste material who can use it across industries from cosmetics to energy production.

    Our impact in ghana