About the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana

The Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) invests in young entrepreneurs and small businesses who have big ideas and want to see their country grow. The KIC was established in Ghana in 2016 with programs focused on inspiring and empowering young entrepreneurs to drive change in their own country. Since its inception, the KIC has focused on innovation in agriculture – the country’s most important sector and largest employer. More than 600 aspiring entrepreneurs have participated in KIC Ghana programs, resulting in the creation of more than a dozen promising start-ups that have gone on to secure seed funding, additional business training, and capital investment.

A New Chapter

In 2021, Kosmos Energy re-established KIC Ghana as an independent non-profit organization so it could take advantage of new funding sources that would enable the program to grow. As part of a new multi-year partnership, the Mastercard Foundation agreed to invest approximately US$16 million over four years in KIC Ghana programming. With this new financial support, KIC Ghana aims to expand operations and offer more training to a greater number of young entrepreneurs in every region of the country.

While KIC Ghana is now an independent organization, separate from Kosmos Energy, its goal remains the same: By nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, it aims to create a healthier and more diverse economy that is fueled by local talent and innovation.

Kosmos Energy transferred six employees to the new entity to support KIC Ghana’s bright future. Kosmos Energy Senior Vice President and Country Manager Joe Mensah now serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of KIC Ghana to ensure a smooth transition and maintain our engagement.

Visit KIC Ghana to learn more about its expansion, exciting programs, and bright future.