About the Kosmos Innovation Center in Mauritania

The Kosmos Innovation Center invests in young entrepreneurs and small businesses who have big ideas and want to see their country grow. The program is helping young, entrepreneurial Mauritanians develop their business skills and potential, encouraging and challenging them to turn ideas for new products and services into reality.

Over 30 young entrepreneurs were selected to participate in the inaugural Mauritania Innovation Challenge. The business development program provides early-stage startups with the opportunity to develop the confidence and skills they need in order to succeed. Aimed at young entrepreneurs and small business leaders, the challenge takes participants on a proven eight-step journey to develop a market-ready product or service, with a final competition for seed-funding at the end.

Alongside the seed-funding provided by Kosmos Energy to the winning businesses in the 2018/2019 Mauritania Innovation Challenge, program participants have been able to leverage additional funding from external funders.

Our Programs

Our Partners

DAI, an international development company, helps the Kosmos Innovation Center to design and implement programs that advance locally led, market-driven solutions to some of the country’s key challenges. It provides capacity building support, investment due diligence, and ongoing technical assistance to the team.