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Door Entrepreneuriat – FAQ

What is the Kosmos Innovation Center?

The Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) helps young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses and works alongside promising small businesses to help them reach their full potential. The Kosmos Innovation Center provides expert training and guidance, personal mentorship, and seed funding through customized programs led by local experts. The Kosmos Innovation Center was established in Ghana in 2016 and expanded into Mauritania and Senegal.

What is Door Entrepreneuriat?

Door Entrepreneuriat is a Saint Louis-based program designed to help young people think through what it takes to become an entrepreneur. It focuses on the practical aspects of starting a business – developing and refining an idea, identifying a market opportunity, and the requirements to create a viable business plan.

If you’re looking for solid grounding in what entrepreneurship is really like, then this program is for you.

What support will the program provide?

The program consists of interactive workshops that use a blend of theory and practical application, drawing on real-world case studies from across West Africa. Expert mentors with many years of business experience will guide participants through the process of developing and refining an idea, identifying a market opportunity, creating a viable business plan, and finding potential sources of funding.

Who is eligible for the program?

Door Entrepreneuriat is perfect for young people aged 18-35, regardless of previous experience or educational background. The program specifically welcomes women who are interested in starting their own businesses. There are 60 spots available in the program in different dates, times and location to give access to more participants.

Can I still apply if I am located outside of the Saint Louis region?


Are the sessions virtual or in-person?

The sessions will be held in-person to facilitate better learning and exchange of ideas. We will have three rounds, and each round is composed of two sessions. The three rounds will be held on different times across different days within a week, and each round will cover the same content. Participants can choose the round that works better for their own schedule and location.

Who is hosting Door Entrepreneuriat – where will the sessions be held?

The location of sessions remain to be determined.

When will the sessions be held?

The schedule is being formulated.

Who will be running the sessions / providing instruction?

The sessions will be facilitated by local experts and business professionals who know what it’s like to start and scale a new business.

Will Kosmos Innovation Center provide financial support to help me start a business?

Since Door Entrepreneuriat was created to introduce young people to the essentials of entrepreneurship, it does not offer seed funding at the end of this program.

Will I have to pay tuition or a fee to participate in the program?

No. Door Entrepreneuriat is free to attend.

How do I apply for the program?

You can apply for the program here.