Trotro Tractor Nominated For Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards

Awesome news!! Trotro Tractor Limited has been nominated for the 2017 Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards.

Voting is officially opened on

Kindly vote for them under these two categories; 1. Agribusiness start-up 0 2. StartUp of the Year category.
Please share with others to vote too. Thank you!

#TTLVIM #TheTractorPeople.

TroTro Tractor uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) on a mobile device to connect farmers to mechanised farming equipment, such as tractors, mechanised tillers and combined harvesters.

Their solution allows them to receive requests from farmers with which they schedule and offer pre-paid tractor services to the farmers who hitherto did not have adequate and/or timely access to the farm machines.