Statement made By George Sarpong – External Affairs Director, Kosmos Energy At The School Of Continuing And Distance Education 68th Annual New Year School And Conference – 2017

Mr. Chairman, School of Continuing and Distance Education, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a statement at this very important forum –“Planting For Food and Jobs”

I work with Kosmos Energy, an Oil & Gas production company, the company that first discovered oil in commercial quantities in 2007 and which led to the creation of the Jubilee Field for Ghana. So one will ask, what is oil and gas Production Company doing at an agriculture themed event like this?

Very simple, at Kosmos Energy, we reach out beyond our core business to support other sectors outside of our business. So last year we created the Kosmos Innovation Center to support Innovation in Ghana. And we chose Agriculture as the first sector to focus on.
The Kosmos Innovation Center identifies talented youth like you and entrepreneurs with big ideas, and we are helping them to turn their big ideas into businesses in the agricultural value chain. We are providing the support to develop youths with talent and who have “fire in the belly” so much as to breaks new grounds and unlock all the potentials and opportunities in the agricultural sector.

I was so excited to be present at the 68th Annual New Year School that is hosted by this same prestigious institution, and hearing the Honorable Minister of Agriculture give his address on “Planting For Food and Jobs”.

It re-affirmed for me that the Kosmos Innovation Center’s focus is certainly the right sector.
In year 1 of the Kosmos Innovation AgriTech Challenge Program, we facilitated the creation of two young companies, who are already in Incubation, and preparing to go to market with their companies very soon.

The Year 2 program has already started and we have started with 25 teams contesting for the opportunity to win the seed capital funding that we provide and the Incubation support towards the launch of their businesses.

This year we had 400 applications from across all the 10 regions of Ghana. Visit our website, at Kosmos Innovation to learn more about the Kosmos Innovation Center Program.
Agriculture is real business and indeed has the greatest demand and market opportunities, because the last time I checked, we all eat.

Thanks again and I look forwarding to reading the Communique that will come out of your deliberations.