Kosmos Innovation Center Business Booster

The food and agriculture sector is 10% of global gross domestic product, worth $4.8 trillion! How much of that global share do you want for your business?

About the Program

Developed by the Kosmos Innovation Center in partnership with Uncharted, this 5-month (Nov.-Mar.) program will feature two 5-day bootcamps for local Ghanaian agribusinesses.

The program is designed to help you:

Validate & refine your business model

Prepare your company for growth

Access capital to build your business

Bootcamp 1:
Business Model Validation

  • Learn methodology for how to discover new customer segments
  • Build & test prototypes of new products with customers
  • Build and maintain mentor relationships with 10-12 world-class mentors
  • Build out a budget and financial model
  • Create a 6-month operating plan

Bootcamp 2:
Investment Preparedness

  • Learn the start-to-end fundraising process
  • Develop elements to fundraise more easily (financial plan, pitch)
  • Build and maintain funder relationships with 10-12 world-class funders, & get honest feedback
  • Build out a budget and financial model
  • Create a strategic plan to secure funding

What you'd receive

2 In-Person Bootcamps

World-class curriculum used by businesses operating in 94 countries globally

Mentor Introductions

Share market insights and business opportunities with experts

Access to Capital

Key introductions to funders and capital advisers to fund your next growth stage

Technology Partners

Access tools from tech. partners to improve productivity & efficiency

Collaborative Co-Working

Select companies may be invited to run their business from a co-working space in Accra.

Whether your goal is to expand production, improve your product or service, or explore new marketing or distribution channels, this business accelerator program aims to help strengthen your company in a manner that sustains livelihoods and creates jobs.