Collaboration Gallery

AgriTech Exchange 2018


Design Thinking Capacity Session


Third Year of Kosmos Innovation Center 2018 AgriTech Challenge event at the University of Ghana Law School


KIC plays a part in FAGRO 2017


2017 KIC Award Announcement

KIC Agritech Final Business Pitch

KIC – The Genesis


KIC Agritech Second Business Pitch

KIC Agritech First Business Pitch

Assessment Interviews

Agritech Exchange 2017

Lunch And Learn 2017

Youth Forum, A Sequel To The 68th Annual New Year School & Conference

68th Annual New Year School & Conference – University Of Ghana


The KIC Journey So far



AgriTech Lunch and Learn 2017

The Annual New Year School and Conference


CSR Awards


An in-depth interview with GTV discussing Kosmos Energy’s CSR flagship Kosmos Innovation Center.


KIC Agritech Challenge Awards


KIC Agritech Final Pitch

Agrictech Market Research Tour 6th June to 14th June 2016

AgriTech Lunch and Learn 6th May 2016

AgriTech Event 13th & 14th April 2016