The Annual New Year School and Conference

Kosmos Energy, under the Kosmos Innovation Center initiative co-sponsored this year’s New Year School and Conference event. The New Year School and Conference is an annual forum where issues of national interest and concern are discussed based on a selected theme with sub-themes. The forum is organised by the University of Ghana. The New Year School provided collaborative opportunity for Kosmos to showcase the Kosmos Innovation Center  (KIC) program and the progress made so far in the agriculture space to date, leveraging innovation and ICT, since launch in March 2016. The first two winning teams of the KIC for 2016, Trotro Tractor Ltd and Ghalani Ltd made presentations in relation to their business module and progress so far to a group of different stakeholders present at the New Year School. Both presented under the sub theme, “E-agriculture and the Youth”.

At the end of every School and Conference, a communique is issued based on recommendations from participants. Output of most of the School forum have informed some policy decisions in the Country. The 68th edition was under the team; ‘Promoting National Development through Agricultural Modernisation; The Role of ICT’. The 5-day event provided the opportunity for key stakeholders to examine ways of unlocking the agricultural sector through ICT.

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